When A Death Occurs

Where do you begin when your loved one passes away?  Our funeral professionals are here to guide you with clarity and compassion.  Contact us at (435) 986-9100 with any questions or concerns.

At Home or at Work

At Home

If a death occurs at home and the deceased is under hospice care, the family or hospice nurse may contact us directly - emergency personnel need not be notified.  Alternately, if a death occurs at home and the deceased was not under hospice care, the family should contact emergency personnel.

If a death occurs at a residence and the death is unexpected, the police will need to be notified and respond to the residence before the deceased can be removed from the home.

If you're unsure of what to do, contact us at (435) 986-9100.  We will assist you in notifying the proper agencies.

While Under Supervised Care

While Under Supervised Care

If a death occurs in a care facility, such as a hospital or nursing home, the professional staff will notify the immediate family.  If the family has designated a funeral home, the facility will also make that notification.  Family members are also welcome to contact us at the time of death.

If a loved one was under the care of hospice, the hospice nurse will give family members instructions on how to proceed.  The hospice nurse will contact the funeral home.  The deceased's family may also contact us directly at (435) 986-9100.

Widening the Circle

Widening the Circle

Our funeral professionals are here to guide you with clarity and compassion.  Your initial contact with a funeral director or funeral professional will be brief, as they will only need to gather the necessary information to transfer your loved one to the funeral home.  Any questions or concerns are welcome at this time.

The funeral director may ask you several questions, including whether or not your loved one had pre-arranged their final wishes.  The director will also schedule a date and time for you to meet at the funeral home and will instruct you on what to bring with you to your appointment.

At this time, you should consider contacting other family members, friends, and clergy or other spiritual advisors.

What to Expect When You Arrive at the Funeral Home

What to Expect When You Arrive at the Funeral Home

The funeral director will provide is a copy of our general price list. He or she will then guide you through the entire arrangement process and help you decide how to honor the life of your loved one.

This process may include:

- Preparing and filing the official death certificate

- Scheduling the location, date, and time of services or events

- Selecting a casket, urn, or other items

- Preparing an obituary notice

You will also sign the necessary authorizations to proceed with cremation arrangements.

The following list addresses the information needed to prepare the death certificate and complete arrangements for cremation:

- Full legal name

- Address

- Social Security number

- Date of birth

- Place of birth

- Father's name

- Mother's maiden name

- Veteran's discharge papers (DD-214)

- Photograph for obituary

- Highest level of education

- Occupation

- Place of burial (if applicable)

- Clothing (if applicable)

- Clergy name and phone number

- Survivors (name and relationship)

- Insurance policies (if applicable)